About Me

I’m a single mother in my mid thirties, I have a full time job, a decent home, a car and I pretty much love my life. Only one thing missing – my soul mate.

I was in a relationship for 14 years on and off and without going into too much about that it was not the best relationship in the world. I never really done the whole dating thing as for the past couple of years I have always been really busy with friends and family or my work life that somehow the dating thing passed me by.

I then decided to take the plunge and try the whole dating scene, I have no experience whatsoever as I met my ex in my teen years. My friends have all these stories of ex’s and one night stands and I don’t have any stories as I only have one ex and zero one night stands.

A good friend of mine suggested I try some no strings attached relationships and use this summer to – get laid (her words not mine).

To say I had my eyes opened would be an understatement and I really was not prepared for the things that happened to me or the experiences I endured. I had lots of laughter, but also lots of tears along the way. Please follow my blog to see how my journey unfolded.