7 Interesting Facts About Me

I know I’ve not blogged at all this year. I’ve had such a busy year that it’s kind of been put to one side. So I was pleased when the lovely Rebecca Chase tagged me into the 7 Interesting Facts about myself post that is going round all of the twitfam at the minute. I loved reading hers which I’m sure you will too and can do so her Still love the Tinky Winky story.

I thought about it last night and was worried I didn’t even have 1 interesting fact about myself never mind 7. So, I’ve listed some that might be interesting who knows. I hope you all enjoy.


Fact 1

I sang God save our gracious queen to the actual queen once.

Well not quite, that story is a little exaggerated. The truth is I wanted to sing it to her, so I had to do it in my head as stupid Katherine Jenkins (you know that one with the voice of an angel) got in there first. I went to the 100th year of the Royal Variety Performance and the queen was there. I was actually sat opposite her and Philip. Fair enough it was across the Royal Albert Hall so I could only see her clearly if I got my binoculars out. But still it’s a story. I did however say NICE when Bruce Forsythe shouted Nice to see you, to see you….NICE so that’s a claim to fame surely. Also, whilst there the Paparazzi were waiting for the celebs to come out and one of them actually came out of the queue to comment how lovely I looked. I felt amazing. She did say that I looked freezing as I had no coat, but looked very glamorous. I was so desperate to say ‘hey am a Geordie we don’t wear coats’ but I didn’t want to spoil the glamourous illusion.

Fact 2

My teenage son tried to pimp me out to a celeb once

When I say “celeb” I mean one of these modern day reality people. Not sure if you’ve heard of the Sidemen before. They are a group of young lads who do silly things on You Tube and are so popular with teenagers it’s unreal. I think they are all worth over a million pound each. Well for my sons 14th Birthday I managed to get him a ticket to the Sidemen convention. Whilst there he was in the queue waiting to talk to KSI (one of the most popular of the group) Not that I’m bragging. I sat down with another mother who didn’t have a clue who these people were either. After about 10 mins of making small talk, the other mother said ‘oo have you said something about KSI?’ and nodded in his direction.

I was a little shocked but said ‘No, why do you ask?’ as I looked around KSI was laughing and hiding his face and my son was shouting for me to go over. I walked over and my son was like ‘this is my mam if you want to tell her something.’ He looked at me and said ‘Mam he wants your phone number.’

KSI then said ‘I think you are one hot mum.’ I was certainly hot after that my face went so red I thought it was going to melt. How embarrassing. My son then thought me and KSI were going to get married and he was going to be the most popular kid in school. Erm nope…I just gave him a quick hug and walked away blushing like an idiot. I’m not sure what the true story between the pair of them actually was but that’s my side.

Fact 3

I’m a published Author who writes violent Crime Drama

I’m the most unconfrontational person ever. If I saw two people in the street fighting I’d probably burst into tears, yet I write the most violent scenes in my novels about gangsters. You can download said novel here if you like


“I want you to know that I personally dealt with each and every one of them. It broke my bloody heart, what they did, and mark my words not one of them will ever have sex again. Every one of them got beaten to a pulp the following day, and I mean fucking tortured when I say that. I was going to kill them but then I thought, you know, what would be worse than death? A man without a dick, that’s what. They’ll probably kill themselves anyway before long.”


Fact 4

I thought I knew my name until I saw my birth certificate

As you will see from my book cover my name is S.M.Hope the M stands for Marie. I was called this after my Nana (who was called Mary) complained to my mam none of her grandchildren are named after her. My mam agreed to call me Marie due to the fact that my Grandad always called my nana Marie. Now either he didn’t like Mary or he was trying to say it posh and it came out Marie who knows. Anyway, all my certificates at school were Sharon Marie even my bank card is Sharon Marie it was only when I got my birth certificate when I was 19 I spotted that there was no Marie even mentioned on it. My mam said ‘oh no it’s not your real name, it’s not on your birth certificate’.

‘Eh?? What mam?? Are you telling me I thought I was called something but really I’m not’.

Her response ‘Erm yeah.’

Fact 5

I was nearly on the radio

Nearly being the operative word here. It’s still a little painful for me to talk about 😊 There was a question on the radio a few years ago about who has came out of retirement. I knew it was the honey monster as I’d read it the day before and I remember being shocked as I never even knew he had retired, I thought he’d always been on the front of the sugar puffs. I mean they’ll be telling us Tony the Tiger no longer likes Frosties at this rate. The radio rang me and said ‘will you hang on and get put through to the presenters?’ I was so chuffed running around the house texting people I knew to tune in. The presenters came on and said ‘good morning Sharon’ I was very hyper and jumping up and down while trying to calmly say ‘oo hi, Good morning’ and all I got was ‘Sharon are you there? Can you hear us? Oo it looks like we lost Sharon’. Then the dead line tone. I was screaming ‘NO I WAS THERE, I SAID GOOD MORNING. I boycotted the show for about a week.

Fact 6

I’m featured on the Sunderland Football Clubs 20th year at Stadium of Light posters

Yes it’s true, I was one of the supporters who turned up for the photographs I was so excited and thought…Fame at last after the whole radio fiasco. That was until I saw the nasty tweets. People were complaining that they photoshopped the discoloured chairs in the background and that if the club were embarrassed of them then they should replace them. Someone even tweeted ‘oo look the whole 20 fans have tuned up for a picture’ Bah haha eesh the cheek, but I’m in the top right hand corner of the 0.

Fact 7

I was so close to being the 1 millionth runner across the Great North Run finish line

There was literally about 10 people between us. It was only afterwards I thanked my lucky stars I never got it. I wasn’t even supposed to be doing the GNR but my friend had to drop out 6 weeks beforehand due to her glass back, so offered me her number. I did it just for the fact I like to get out and run. So there I was in someone else’s name not even running for a charity and nearly being given a gift of exposure and something to celebrate. If I’d have won that prize I would have been publicly humiliated never mind celebrated. Probably would have had a lifetime running ban.

I’m loving this game of 7 interesting fact about ourselves and reading everyone else’s facts. I think most people have been tagged into everyone elses but I’d love to hear 7 facts about you so please feel free to put them in the comments.





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