40 Things Before 40

First of all, let me start by saying Happy New Year to you all. I think it’s fair to say that we are all happy to see the back of 2016.  The amount of deaths that have occurred in the last year is very sad indeed that applies to the Celebrity world and in my personal life.  It seemed to be every month I was hearing of sad news. A lot of people were taken far too soon which got me thinking if I was to go next week would I have achieved everything I wanted to and the answer is No.  I’m nowhere near ready to go just yet and have not achieved any of the stuff I promised myself years ago.  I always wanted my own business from a very young age, until I matured and realised owning a business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be plus I never had a good enough idea so it’s never really happened.

A while ago I started to make a list of 40 things to do before I hit the ripe old age of 40. I have 3 years and 7 months so plenty of time to tick them off.  Some are big dreams, but some are little and easy to do whilst others are completely selfless acts. I just thought it would give me a little fun before I started rolling down the hill of life. Quickly rolling at that, the way the years are flying.

A few girls from Twitter (I love you guys) have said they might be interested in doing a similar thing so I hope my list inspires you to make one. Who knows we could even add meet a fellow blogger and have a huge party when we all accomplish our list.

So here goes my list of 40 before 40:-

  1. Send a message in a bottle – This could be a simple message or a poem, a dream, anything I’m even going to add my email address to see where my message ends up. Fingers crossed I get a reply.
  2. Get my Family Tree – This is something I would really like. It would be fantastic to know your family history. I’m sure there are websites out there that can help so shouldn’t be that difficult.
  3. Learn to knit – Nobody does this anymore. I remember being young and having a family holiday to Haggerston Castle. Money was pretty tight in the 80’s so my Mam knit me and my sister all our outfits. Much to my sisters bemusement as most of them were matching and with a 4 year age gaps she was not impressed. I think this is something we should all learn.
  4. Wear my knitted clothes – I’m hoping this will be easy I did ask for a knitting pattern with how to instructions for Christmas and luckily it’s a Christmas jumper so that is my Christmas outfit sorted.
  5. Attend a music festival – I’ve never been to one and never really fancied it either, but everyone tells me it will be the best thing I do. I should really give it a go. (At least it’s an excuse to buy some funky wellies).
  6. Become a member of a TV audience – I would love this. Athough, I did attend the 100th Royal Variety Performance so think I may have already ticked this one as it was aired. But I mean like the chase, or something fun.
  7. Go to the Grand National – Who doesn’t love a day at the races. Any excuse to get dressed up.
  8. Run the London Marathon – I’ve completed the Great North Run a few times and have always wanted to do this, but I feel it would need to be taken very seriously and training would have to be far more than a few miles along the coastline I do in the summertime. It would be in my list of regrets if I don’t do it so I really should try and put myself out for this one. (But bear with me it may get done in my last year).
  9. Visit Australia – I’ve always loved the idea of this but to do it, I would like to take time out from work and visit most cities over a few weeks. This maybe easier said than done.
  10. Serve soup in a soup kitchen – This is one of my selfless acts to help me appreciate all the good things I have in my life.
  11. Go Ape – Anyone who knows me knows I’m afraid of heights, but I’ve always loved the idea of swinging from the trees. Some hard core therapy maybe required.
  12. Have one of my books published – I have written two novels and I would love to think that one day they will be on the shelf for everyone to see. This will be done one way or another, even if self publishing.
  13. Finish Jimmy Simpsons Book – A character from my finished novel was so intriguing to me that I started to write his own Novel of how he came about. I promise to get this done for my sister who really can’t wait for it.
  14. Donate blood – I’ve never done this before and I have been known to faint at the sight of blood so hoping for a lollipop afterwards at least.
  15. Ride a bike – This is so ridiculous I can hear you all saying what on earth is she talking about. But it’s true, I have never ridden a bike in my adult life. I’m not talking about a trail here maybe just round the block.
  16. The Three Peaks – I’m thinking of the whole, let’s walk before we can run idea and will do the three peaks before the marathon which is to climb Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the challenge this is to be done at my leisure. (Are you lot trying to kill me)
  17. Drive to York – I hate driving long distances so have told myself to do it. Don’t worry I will forewarn you lot to stay clear of the roads.
  18. Pick my own fruit and make Jam from it – I have made jam before but I never actually picked the fruit myself.
  19. Visit the Shard – I’ve visited the beautiful London many times but have never been to the Shard.
  20. Millennium Eye – Last time I was in London I had a buy one get one free voucher for everything but this so it was the only thing me and my son never did that weekend. I could tie this in the with Shard.
  21. Sign a Doner card – Although I would love my organs to be donated to someone I don’t believe I’m signed up to the scheme so I better make sure I am.
  22. Jump on the tour bus in my own town – I live in a lovely place and I believe there is so much history here, but I don’t appreciate it because it’s on my doorstep so I’m going educate myself of my lovely little Town.
  23. Dejunk my spare room – This should be top of my list as I was supposed to do this over Christmas and never got round to it. I’ve been here 4 years and I have unpacked boxes still in there.
  24. Send a care package to a soldier – I’d love to find a soldier out there who doesn’t really have anyone so I can send him a care package. If anyone knows of a soldier in this position please tell me.
  25. Do the Colour run – My son and I have always wanted to do it. Imagine running along in your clean whites and coming out looking like Rainbow Brite.
  26. Decorate my Wash House – I started working on my new home 4 years ago and this is the room that houses my washing machine, fridge and dryer. It’s kind of outside the house but inside if that makes sense so needs some plaster boards up.
  27. Put my Patio door in the Wash house – Some may say I’m cheating as that should go along with no 26. I purchased a new patio door 3 years ago to replace the old aluminium one and just never got round to it. I need a man’s help.
  28. See the snowdrops – my Mam once did a walk and she told me about a field full of Snowdrops and how beautiful they looked I promised her I would go one day but again never got round to it.
  29. Go to a weekend boot camp retreat – Another one me and my lovely friend Samantha keep saying we are going to go. We will go my friend and have a great time.
  30. Walk along Hadrians Wall – I’ve already signed up to do a charity hike with McMillian in June so wish me luck.
  31. Learn to do a handstand which must last longer than 30 seconds – As a child I was constantly upside down doing these things. Have you ever tried as an adult? If you like your nose I probably wouldn’t. I did a few cartwheels a few years ago with a friend on a dog walk and the most unusual thing kept happening I broke wind in mid air everytime. So if you hear a rumble don’t worry it’s not an earthquake I’m just practicing a handstand.
  32. Join Harriers – This will work in line with my marathon training.
  33. Make Bath Bombs with my son – I know this sounds like another crazy one, but there is a story behind it. It’s a story which I hate myself for and have for a long time. As any parent knows children can push you to a point you become a total monster and that is exactly what happened when me and my son tried to make bath bombs. He was about 7 at the time and we were all ready to make them when I read acid in the ingredients. I gave him a mini lecture on keeping his hands well away from his face as acid is bad and could burn him. He stood with the gloves on and as soon as I finished my lesson in acid he put his hands in his mouth I went bat shit crazy on him. I can still see him now with his beautiful little face not really knowing what had happened and I said that’s it we won’t do it anymore. I never did make those bath bombs or even know what became of them. Since that time we have travelled the world, had sleep overs in the sitting room to have a Gavin and Stacy episode fest. I’ve probably spent thousand of pounds on him and told him I love him a million times but I really hate myself for that day yet I bet he can’t even remember it. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. It’s a mother’s love I suppose and we do things out of temper. But I now have to convince a 14 year old man child he’s making bath bombs (pass the wine).
  34. Eat in a Michelin Star restaurant – This is something I have never done.
  35. Visit New York – I have been promising my Mam this for years and we will go.
  36. Visit Las Vegas – Again, another promise that we would do this for my sisters 40th but we just never got there.
  37. Look out into Space – The college near where I live have a telescope and you can actually look out into space through it. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while.
  38. Learn to sew – I would love to learn how to make my own clothes.
  39. Wear a homemade dress – Just like the knitting, I think these kind of hobbies are a dying trade and we really shouldn’t let knitting and sewing disappear.
  40. And last but not least JUST BE HAPPY

I hope you lot have enjoyed reading my list. Let’s get this show on the road. I will keep you updated throughout the years of how far on I am. Maybe even some pictures. If anyone else would like to do a similar list, please get in touch I’d love to see your ideas. Hopefully, they will be similar and I could find myself a buddy x

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5 thoughts on “40 Things Before 40

  1. Love it. My work is linked to Newcastle Soup Kitchen, so I can give you the name of the guy if you want to organize this in Newcastle.
    I also have a friend who has a family tree facebook business of you wanted someone to do it for you or give you pointers on how to do it yourself.
    If you want to look out the milky way then I’m sure I can pop round with hubby’s stuff? You could tie it in with a dark skies sleep out 🙂
    As for the health retreat, I’m going back to Ragdale in a couple of months of you fancy it.
    Lastly, this is a GREAT list! With your friends you’ll have this sorted by the time your 40. Break it down in to months and you’ll just be Ticking them all off.
    PS. I think I remember the bath bomb incident 🙂
    Good luck – you’ll do this with your eyes shut.

    1. Some great ideas there. However, I don’t recall a sleep under the stars one. Are you trying to make me do extra things? But if you wanted to camp out and do it I’m sure we could arrange something. Love some pointers on the Family Tree as some websites can be pretty pricey. I may also need a bus friend to sit on the top deck of my city tours bus. You can bring the sandwiches. Roll on becoming 40. Then I need to arrange how to celebrate it.

      Thanks x

      1. Thank you so much for giving everyone such a remarkable chance to read critical reviews from here. It can be so amazing and jam-packed with a good time for me personally and my office colleagues to visit your site really three times in one week to read the latest things you will have. And deeiintfly, I am also actually amazed with your surprising concepts served by you. Some 3 facts in this posting are certainly the best I’ve ever had.

  2. Great list! I’m 38 this month and might do a list too!
    Here are some links to you along the way!

    I’ve done the colour run a couple of times and it is so fun. You can do the one in London and then tick off the London Eye and The Shard too!,

    If I can help in any way (I live near London in Surrey -hotels are cheaper out here) I will be happy to offer suggestions x

    1. Thanks for the links Charlotte. Imagine me walking back to the hotel looking like a care bear. That’s a good idea about the hotels as London is very pricey. I will let you know when I’m heading there it would be great for a few of us to meet up x

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