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OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Oh My God!  I can’t believe what has happened and I just have to blog about it. I try not to overload you lot with too many blog posts and this will be twice this week, so it must be important.

About 4 years ago I was sitting at work and a man from the local council came to see me as I had complained about one of the companies on the Industrial Estate I work on.  He was tall and handsome. He really was, I’m not just trying to make it sound like a fairytale, honest. When we spoke we looked into each others eyes. OK, so it was probably more me than him (I am trying to make that sound fairytale-ish).  You know when someone is on your wavelength and you get the butterflies.  As he walked out of the office after about 45 mins of me gazing at him sweetly and hanging on his every word, I banged my head against the table and the words OMG came out of my mouth.  My colleague laughed and was straight on the case to try to find some info on him.  She called the council and we found out his name was Tony.  So as usual, I did a “little” Facebook stalking and when I say “little” I mean 3 days straight.  His Facebook never gave too much away so I wasn’t sure if he was single or in a relationship.  Life went on as usual and I soon forgot about the tall dark stranger.

About a year ago we decided to move premises and a guy from the council came out to see us and again, I felt a connection with this man. It left me wondering if maybe it’s council workers I have the hots for. Soon after leaving the office, he sent me an email with his proposal for the new premises so I decided to check him out on Facebook. Yes, this is a hobby of mine..That’s when I noticed it was the same man. My friends laugh at me for this and say ‘this is the girl that fancied the same man twice, she just forgot’. Oh come on, it’s been four years.

He was in and out of my office last year as we were moving and as you can imagine I was dressed up to the nines with my lovely office dresses on, hair perfectly washed.  He soon left and I still never knew if he was single and me being a little shy there is no way I could ask him, especially as people seemed to be around us a lot. (I never got the signs he was flirting either).

Anyway, last night I was on my dating app account and on the meet me section.  It was rather late and thinking back I should not have even been on there in my sleepy state. Hindsight you’re a dick.. I was clicking through the pictures and I hit NO I would not like to meet this person. Right before my eyes, it was as if the picture was moving in slow motion. It was him, Tony from the council.  I could kick myself.  I have tried everything to find him since, I even composed a refined search for about an hour and I’m wondering if because I clicked no he has now disappeared from my account altogether.

I woke up with an instant heart flutter and tried a new search. New day and all that, but still no results. So not only is he single but he is now actively looking for a relationship. We could be together if only I had not pressed no. My friend suggested closing down my whole account and re-opening a new one to see if he comes up.

Should I do this or is it fate? I keep missing him. Surely if we are supposed to be together, our stars will align AGAIN!


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2 thoughts on “OH MY GOD!!!!!!

  1. I love this story and I really hope that it works out for you! I would have never thought about a new account, but I think that that is a great idea. You are obviously interested in him, so why don’t you see if it will work out. And keep us updated!

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