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What Was His Deal?

Most of you who have tried online dating will know there are some strange people around; all us dating bloggers seem to have very similar stories to share.  There’s the married one, the ghoster, the player… the list goes on.  However, last Friday night was spent with me consoling my friend over cocktails due to a dating dilemma I had never come across before.

Let’s get something clear, my friend is beautiful.  I don’t even know how she is single; she looks like a mermaid with long blonde curly hair and a figure to die for.  I really believe any man would be lucky to go out with her.  Anyway, she had been speaking to someone online for a while now.  The site she uses is one you pay for with the theory that if someone is paying for a site surely they are genuinely trying to find someone?

He had already let her down once when they were due to meet so she was a little weary about arranging a 2nd attempt, but he assured her that it was his nerves and he would definitely be there.  They had been messaging each other daily and even had an hour long telephone conversations so she was pretty sure he’d turn up this time.  On the day in question she messaged me at 2pm to say he had gone quiet and had never responded to her last message at 10am which was double checking the arrangements.  By 4pm she called me to say that she still had not heard anything but mentioned that his sister was dropping him off at the meeting place in 30mins.

Previously in passing, he had told her that his sister owned the local hair salon, so my friend had the idea to call the salon to say that she is running late and to pass a message on to him.  She rang the salon and was informed no such person as ‘Diane’ worked there.  Strange?  Even stranger is the fact that my friend has not heard from him since and he has now blocked her….

What was his deal?  What was all that about and what on earth was he hoping to achieve?  To make a date with someone and to actually lie about your sister owning a business is totally scary in my book.  It’s a good job she never met up with him, she dodged a bullet if you ask me.   If any of you have any idea what his game wass, please let me know as it has me totally baffled.

I really believed when I first decided to try online dating that everyone was there looking for a relationship.  I’ve never found one person yet who is genuinely looking for that.  I think it is more like 1 in every 100 people, but finding that 1 is the hardest thing in the world.  It also would seem I am not alone in this.

On the plus side we did end up having a really good night and decided that’s it with the online dating, who needs a man anyway!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “What Was His Deal?

  1. My guess is that he is already taken and lied then lied then lied to cover up his lie and then it snowballed

    1. But why be on a website that you pay for? It makes no sense. Do you think his membership was just still running and already paid for? So he decided to play mind games.

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