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Boxing Clever

I’ve succumbed back to the online dating world; I’ve even used my real details this time and put a photo on.  I am getting brave!

Well, it must be working as I’ve managed to bag myself a date with someone that I couldn’t possibly intimidate (yes I’m still going with that one).  We’ll call him Humpty Dumpty because he actually does look like a cute little egg.  He works in the Engineering field and is quite high up – more advance than I am.

We get on great online; he gives me that feeling that all is good in the world.  We message each night and I get excited when my phone pings, this one is looking hopeful.

All the normal first date thoughts go through my head as I travel to meet him. A little negativity creeps in ‘what if I don’t fancy him? What if he doesn’t fancy me?’ The best thing to keep your mind occupied on the metro is to text your date.

Me: Just waiting for metro now so chances are I will be late, told you I’m always late.

HD: I’m getting a lift in now so I’ll be one up on the Dutch courage before you get there!

Me: Aw, no that’s not fair, I have to take the cattle class and you’re getting a limo.  How you feeling?

HD: Not nervous at all honesty!!!!! 

Me: Me either, honestly haha metro has stopped with a 6 mins delay I should never have said I’m always late and blamed the metro dam. 

HD: First pint in hand, my nerves will be completely calm by the time you get here.  I’m next to the “wenches” toilet cannot miss me I’m tall! 

Me: I crushed two paracetamol into a can of coke earlier I’m Completely calm. 

HD: Didn’t think of that…does it even work?  Well, not long now…. I’ll make it easy, long black coat on the right in the corner as you come in. Blue scarf which seems daft choice now. Jeans and brown shoes. Good luck!

It’s funny how even men worry about their outfit on a date, I thought it was just us ladies but I suppose they want to make a good impression too. 

Me: Pink top, black jeans, still on metro hopefully won’t be long.

 HD: Some woman just asked me for a lighter heart skipped a beat. 

Me: It was me checking you out.  Hey, I’ve just thought you have a total advantage you could see me coming and hide. 

HD: Where??? There is only one way in this place…. man of my word, will be where I say, but you shouldn’t give ideas especially good ones, pints almost gone!

Me: Two more stops eek.

I finally get there, just a little late, I’m always late.  I don’t know how or why I just am.  I won’t bore you with the details of the date, but we ended up in a lovely restaurant and had a nice time. At this point I’m not sure what his thoughts were on me; he seems very mature and not your normal laddish lout. So I just waited for the dreaded next day text to see what his thoughts were.

HD: Well the effect of alcohol has worn off now so what’s the verdict? Do I delete this number? Do me and your last date team up to plot our revenge while walking the dogs…I had a good time if that helps! 

Me: I had a really good time, a pity that we were so entertained by my last date.  That should be put on the list of things not to say on your first date.  I would love to meet up again, but can you have a disaster date in-between time so I can laugh at you all night? 

HD: To be fair the man had some classic one liners!  Why don’t we pencil in next Friday to do something and we can decide what during the week? 

Me: Ok, you’re in my diary.

So I’ve finally boxed clever and not only got myself a first date, but also a second date.  Things are looking up.


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  1. Hey I’m not on social media don’t know why but regretting it now because couldn’t follow you but I’ve literally just read your blog’s and loved every word of them and your sooo amazing and amazed to how your single in first place and as usual I’m late if your second date turned in to 3rd or 4th . Bugger . Anyway Im still a fan and can’t wait till next installment

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