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The Art Of Intimidation

I’ve finally stopped crying into my pillow regarding the results of my speed dating.  Which can be seen here The Results After a girlie night drinking cocktails with one of the besties to talk about our summer holiday I feel a little less like throwing myself off a bridge.
I’m still surprised that I only got two ticks; I can’t help wondering what it is I do to put men off. Even my best friend’s husband assumed every man in the room would have ticked me. I spoke to a close male friend of mine who suggested we start the timer and have a speed date so he can see what it is I’m doing (wrong?).
Timer gets set:-

Me: Hello, how are you?

Him: I’m Fine, pleased to meet you, please tell me a little bit about yourself.

Me: I’m an office Manager, I run a business for two guys who work away a lot, this can be anything from filing, hotel bookings, VAT returns to payroll you name it if it needs to be done in an office I do it. I recently bought a 2nd house which I have had re-wired, re-skimmed, basically pretty much started again with it and I’ve really enjoyed doing it. It’s not finished yet I still have a lot of work to do on it and I’m getting the hang of this DIY malarkey. I’m also writing books in my spare time, which I love and I’m hoping to get them published. I’m training for the Great North Run, I would really like to do the London Marathon one day, just not sure if I could put that amount of training in…….

Him: Whoa, whoa, stop, stop!

Me: What do you mean stop? The date has to last for 3 minutes you’ve only lasted 30 seconds.

Him: I’m intimidated.

Me: What? Don’t be so silly how can you be intimated by me?

Him: You’ve gone into too much detail, I’m intimidated by you, what can I possibly do for you? You sound like you get along in life pretty much on your own and as a man I would feel like I could never be any good for you. Don’t tell them you’re an Office Manager just say you work in an office and leave it there. Let them naturally find out all the other stuff.
Me: But that’s me. I’m not saying all of this stuff to pretend to be someone else.
Him: I know, but honestly as a man we don’t want to hear all of that. Just be your natural funny self like you are with me.
Crikey, this has me totally confused now, so should I just say limited information? But then if I say I’m an administrator and things start to progress, surely they would then think I misled them. This dating stuff has me more confused than anything. Last week I felt like crap because I wasn’t good enough, this week I am told I was too good for them.

I don’t know if my friend was just saying that or if it is true and men do find it a little intimidating when a woman is doing alright for herself. What should I be, a damsel in distress?
Whatever the reason, I’ll go with the art of intimidation over the worst looking one in the room any day.


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