Good News For The Good Guys


Can you remember the days in your late teens and early twenties when you’d go to the bar week after week and chat to the pretty girl buying her drink after drink and thinking tonight’s the night I’m asking her out?  You would finally pluck up the courage to ask her and you would feel like you had won the lottery when she said yes.  Then you would get that knock back, the one you always seemed to get “don’t be silly we’re friends, we’ve been friends for ages, I just don’t like you in that way”.

You would then get that dreaded feeling; the one you always got and wonder why they never thought of you in ‘that’ way.

‘What is it that I’m doing wrong’? You would ask yourself.  ‘I buy her drinks, give her advice, fix her car, get her some shopping if I’m passing, I would be a really good boyfriend, I know I would’

Then the next thing you knew, in walked someone, smiled over at her and that’s it, she was putty in his hands.  You had spent months working on her, and in he walked and that’s it.  It hardly seems fair.  ‘What does he have that I haven’t got’? You would think to yourself.

Well, I’ll tell you what he had that you didn’t.  He had the bad guy gene!  You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that could get any woman he wanted all because he was good looking and a little bit dangerous.  You, Mr-Good-Guy, would stand in a bar and look at a woman all night long trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out and the next thing you know she’s walking out with him – Mr-Bad-Guy, even though you knew he never really wanted her but was going to take her anyway.  You knew he would then dump her for her friend the very next week and pick her back up later, why?  Because he was the bad guy that’s why.  You had to stand back and watch, whilst thinking to yourself ‘I would kill for a girl like her, I’ve fancied her for ages, I’d treat her like a princess if I had her, yet she barely even notices me’.

Us women, we loved a bad guy when we were younger, don’t ask me why because I don’t know the answer.  All I do know is that we wanted them and when we thought they wanted us we wanted them more.  But just when we thought Mr-Bad-Guy didn’t want anyone else, they would do that ‘thing’ to us; ignore us, cheat on us and/or push us away.  Strangely, that made us want them more than we ever thought we could.  They could treat us anyway they wanted and we would let them, it was like a magnetic force pulling us into them and no amount of good guy power could stop us.  We believed we would be the one to change them and every other girl would be green with envy.

Every woman who has ever been near a bad guy (and let’s face it, most of us have) now looks back and thinks ‘why were we so stupid’?.  We watch them now and see what they are doing, probably to a girl ten years younger than them because they know the older women have finally opened their eyes and don’t want the bad guy now.  Quite frankly were totally bored of you.  We want a good guy, someone who we can have our offspring with.

So it’s good news for the good guy, it’s you we want and we want you more than we ever wanted the bad guys.  If I had a pound for every single girl in their thirties who said all I want is a nice guy, goes out to work, comes home can take care of me and take care of the children then I’d be a very rich person.

So that’s it, while the bad guys are still prowling around for their next victim the good guys are reaping the benefits of their bad behaviour and what’s better than that is we’re even thinking of our future with you!  We want it all, kids, marriage and all you’ve had to do is be who you are.  Yes, you maybe a little bit boring, yes, you maybe be a little bit, let’s play it safe and get a family car.  But right now, us ladies who are past our twenties would rather be, a little bit bored with a fantastic good guy by our side to be bored with, than a big bit broken with a bad guy.

So well done.  It’s good guys in, bad guys out.


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