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Speed Dating With A Dash Of Enthusiasm

As I’m clearly no good at internet dating I have decided to try another method of finding my Prince. After some research I decide to try speed dating.  My reasoning being this way I get to check out the individual personalities face to face – my last date would have got a definite no.

I book up along with a friend of a friend called Anna. I think it will be far nicer going along with someone and there’s safety in numbers.

I then spend 3 weeks of stalking the events team online and check out how many female/male tickets have been sold. Is it usual to panic that the ratio of men to women is down?   How will I secure a date with too much competition?  Then 2 days before the event, thankfully all tickets are sold.  Typical men buying things at the last minute.

On the night I decide to drive – I don’t want any repeats of my last drunken date. I meet up with Anna in the car park and we head over.  She is laughing saying she’s been out kitesurfing all day and hasn’t had time to wash her hair, then adding she came straight from the beach!   She is now worried as I’m dressed up (probably a little too much for speed dating).  Anna mentions that she’s not bothered about finding anyone special, but has come along for the laugh.  I find it strange, as I’ve thought about it constantly, stalking the event team, dressed up to the nines and can’t wait for all 12 men to tick me and vice versa.  I’ve got the next 12 weeks of dates planned in my diary already.

As we walk into the venue we see about 6 girls sitting round a table. We head for the bar and Anna orders a wine, I have a coke as I’m driving and we sit down with all the girls.  The atmosphere is so relaxed and we are soon all laughing and talking about our evening’s dates.   As I look around the table I notice that all of the girls are really pretty.  I don’t know why but I never expected them to be.  I suppose because I feel a little inadequate for still being single I thought the only single people would be crazy girls and ugly ones.  That’s the thing when your single in your thirties and all your friends are married you assume there is something wrong with you.

One by one the room starts to fill up with men and I can’t help noticing one really good looking one in particular. Now the room has 24 single people in it and unless you’re single you won’t understand how nice it is to see other single people, I genuinely thought I was the only one left.

Anna and I soon start to talk to a girl call Lisa, she’s on her own and a little nervous of the whole thing but we reassure her she will be fine with us. It was then time to take our seats and somehow Anna is seated at the other side of the venue and round the corner a little bit so I can’t even see her with Lisa beside her.

I take my seat and the dates soon start. My first date is the really good looking man and I’m so excited.  He introduces himself as Sam, a primary school teacher who is trying to write books.  Things are off to a great starts as I am also writing my first book.  I tell him I’m training for the Great North Run and by coincidence he is as well.  My mind starts racing – this is it, this is fate, we were supposed to meet here.  Forget everyone else Sam is the man for me.  Mind I imagine all the girls will tick him on their form however I rationalise that because we have so much in common he’ll definitely tick me, I also think we’ll be married in a year.  After 3 minutes the bell goes and Sam moves on to the next girl and find myself looking at dating number 2.

After a few dates it’s time for a break, Lisa asks if I will get her a drink at the bar as there are a few men crowded round and she feels a little intimated. I get her a drink and go off to find Anna who is sitting in her seat and seems to find the wine more interesting than the dates, is this her 2nd bottle??

I take a quick peak at her card and all she has on there are doodles and smiley faces. She starts to laugh and asks me what on earth is going on as this night is crazy, she seems to think all the men are strange and seems to be thinking the night is a ‘laugh’.  I can’t help but wonder why she is not taking it seriously.

Dating starts up again and another 6 men are seated in turn with me. No-one really catches my eye as much as Sam did though.  When the dating finally finishes I can’t wait to upload my results but have to wait until tomorrow.

I stay back for a while and end up talking to a guy called Clint. I don’t fancy Clint in the slightest but we do have a lot in common.  We have chatted none stop and we even managed to steal a couple of pens to take home as souvenirs.

I find Anna in the toilets and it looks like she’s had a bit too much wine, she is sitting on the toilet still giggling at the crazies she has had to endure. As we head towards my car we go one way and Lisa goes the other.  Anna informs me that she thinks Lisa has stolen her money, when Anna went to the toilet she left her bag with Lisa and when she came back it was open.  I ask if she is sure as she wouldn’t even go to the bar as she felt intimated, however Anna is adamant she has a lot less money than she should have.

I’m not sure how to tell Anna I think she has drunk her money, not had it stolen, so I just suggest she contacts the venue tomorrow as maybe they have CCTV etc they can check. I make sure Anna is safe in a taxi before heading back to my car and dreaming about my date with Sam this coming Saturday after we both tick each other tomorrow.

Please come back tomorrow for the speed dating results and the results of the CCTV.


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